About me

Hi, I’m Victor Zeines! I can’t wait to help you live a healthy and longer life.

Victor Zeines, DDS, MS, FAGD, FIND, I have been practicing holistic dentistry for the past 50 years. I see patients at my two New York City-area practice locations on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in Shokan, New York.

I received my degree from New York University College of Dentistry and completed an internship at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, New York. I always believed that dentistry needed to do more than just “fix teeth.”

My beginnings

In 1980, I received a Master of Science in nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. I received a fellowship status from the Academy of General Dentistry in 1982. One of my earliest articles called “Nutritional Eases Dental Problems,” published in 1980, talks about the link regarding oral and systemic health.

Today, there’s an increased understanding of the impact of oral health on the rest of the body and an increasing body of support for the multiple connections between oral health and total wellness.

"We have always known that protecting the health of gums will help patients to keep not just their teeth, but their life."

I am also the author of several books, including “Healthy Mouth Healthy Body,” “Living A Longer Life- Naturally,” and “Your Tongue Never Lies.” I am also a contributing writer for Rodale’s The Herbal Drugstore, and I have made regular appearances on radio and television. I have also been one of the contributors to the film “Food Matters.” I host the “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body” show on NYTalkRadio.net.

A member of the Advisory Board of TheHolisticOption.com, Dr. Zeines uses a combination of homeopathy, kinesiology, nutrition, and aromatic therapy along with biocompatible materials in a gentle relaxed atmosphere. At his practice, Dr. Zeines offers a variety of services, including [crowns](https://www.natdent.com/services/crowns), [veneers](https://www.natdent.com/services/veneers), [teeth cleaning](https://www.natdent.com/services/teeth-cleaning), [Invisalign®](https://www.natdent.com/services/invisalign), and more. He uses non-surgical periodontal therapy and nonsurgical TMJ treatment. His offices have been mercury-free for over 25 years.

Because of Dr. Zeines’s constant commitment to overall health, bridging dental health with medicine through collaboration with physicians is a natural next step. Patients always benefit when all health care practitioners collaborate.

Outside of work, Dr. Zeines has a passion for nature and gardening.

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